Top 7 Benefits Of Using Content Syndication Services For Your Business

As more and more people get their news and information from social media platforms, blogs and other third-party websites, using a content syndication service can be a highly effective digital marketing strategy for businesses.

Content syndication involves distributing articles, blog posts, videos, and other media through syndication partners to gain exposure on additional websites. This expands the reach of a company’s content beyond its site and helps engage new audiences.

This article will explore the top 7 benefits that content syndication provides businesses looking to grow their brand, generate leads, and improve SEO.

1. Increased Reach and Visibility

One of the biggest advantages of using a content syndication service is that it vastly increases the reach and visibility of a company’s content by distributing it across multiple websites and platforms. When content is exclusively published on a brand’s site, it is restricted to just its existing audience and any organic social shares.

But when syndicated to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of partners, the potential audience scales exponentially.

This broader distribution exposes the content to whole new audiences who may have never visited the company’s website before. It puts relevant, valuable information in front of potentially interested readers across the internet where they are already spending time.

Furthermore, analytics can show how much traffic, views, and shares each syndication partner drives.

2. Improved SEO and Backlink Authority

Another significant advantage of content syndication relates to search engine optimization.

When high-quality, unique content is picked up and published by numerous third-party sites, it creates numerous backlinks pointing back to the source on the brand’s domain. This passes link equity and helps search engines determine the content is a valuable, trusted resource worth ranking highly for related keyword phrases.

Over time, as more links are built, domain authority increases in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Furthermore, content with referring domains performs better in SEO than solos. Syndication systems make it effortless to achieve powerful natural backlinks without tedious manual outreach.

3. Enhanced Brand Credibility

When other websites choose to publish and endorse content created by a brand, it significantly boosts its perceived credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of readers. People instinctively place more stock in opinions, reviews and information shared by parties perceived as independent third parties rather than straight from the original source.

Seeing a brand’s content distributed and recommended by authorities and influencers in that specific industry or topic area shows that the brand creates valuable media that stands on its own merit. It says, in effect, “If all these other experts are willing to recommend this brand’s content, they must know what they’re talking about.” Over time, this reflected credibility snowballs and makes the brand a recognized thought leader in its field.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to traditional offline and digital advertising methods, content syndication provides an incredibly cost-effective way to gain broad marketing exposure. There is no cost per click, impression, or lead to consider, like with paid ads. The content promotes itself as it spreads. All it costs is the upfront time to create quality material worth syndicating.

Then, a distribution platform can spread it for free across its huge network of publisher partners. Sales teams or agencies are optional since the syndicator acts as the middleman. It’s a highly scalable strategy that allows small businesses and solopreneurs to compete with bigger brands on a national or even global level at a fraction of the price.

As long as insightful content keeps flowing, so does the traffic and engagement.

5. Lead Generation

While exposure and SEO boosts are nice benefits, the ultimate goal of any digital marketing activity should be to generate qualified leads and capture contact information from consumers further down the sales funnel.

Content syndication supports this goal by giving options to include interactive calls-to-action within distributed pieces.

Strategically placed sign-up forms, download offers, click-to-call buttons, or other prompts can encourage readers to willingly self-qualify as potential customers by leaving their details. Analytics then show which partner sites drove the most conversions. Teasing a bit of value first through the syndicated content makes leads much more buyer-ready than cold outreach. It’s a scalable lead generation machine.

6. Network and Partnerships

Active involvement with a major syndication network opens doors to new strategic partnerships, connections, and potential collaborations that would have been much harder to achieve independently at scale. Publishers and influencers within the network may reach out about guest posting, sponsored content, affiliate marketing deals or other promotional opportunities.

Being a prolific, high-quality content creator makes brands more desirable to approach. The network essentially acts as an “in” to find and vet new potential relationships across various industries globally. It creates a level of access larger brands would only normally consider with a proven track record and established network of their own first. Partnerships are crucial for ongoing growth.

7. Enhanced Content Longevity

Creating new and engaging content can take significant time and resources for any business. While this content may receive optimal visibility when first published on your website or blog, traditional publishing limits how long it stays in circulation.

With content syndication services, you can breathe new life into your existing content by sharing it with a broader network of websites and platforms. This extends the longevity of each piece as it finds new audiences over extended periods.

Wrapping Up

By leveraging content syndication services, brands of all sizes can tap into an enormous digital marketing channel to amplify reach, visibility and thought leadership in a highly cost-effective manner. The additional benefits of SEO Boost are enhanced credibility, lead generation capabilities, and strategic partner development.

This makes syndication a comprehensive growth strategy worth serious consideration for any business seeking to establish itself as an authority and engage new audiences at scale online. When done right, the results can significantly impact the bottom line.

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