Michelle Ferguson Shares Her Secret To Coping with Overwhelming Lose

What would you do if one day you lost that most special person? It could be anyone: your relative, mentor, friend, lover, or anyone! But the question is, how would you deal with the impact? Most of us don’t know the answer to these difficult questions and grieve because of not knowing what to do. But Michelle Ferguson, the author of A Love Like Ours: A Memoire, was not like most people!

The author knew what she needed to do in case of the devastating news of her husband’s illness. Her coping behavior during her husband’s treatment and after his passing is present in her real-life storybook in copious details. In this blog, readers can glimpse what she aims to teach through her example.

When She Learned the Dire News

Learning that your favorite person has stage-4 terminal cancer is no small news. It feels like the world beneath your feet is sliding from under you, and you are about to feel the hardest fall of your life. Yet, Ferguson kept her cool. She was devastated but never lost her cool because her husband needed her to be strong.

Her husband needed her, and she would not let bad news break her resolve. During her husband’s treatment, she stayed by her side while making him feel that she and many others loved him. She became his strength as he was once hers. But alas, some things are never meant to be, as Jerry, her husband, passed away in Oct-2021.

Not Going to Cry

Easier said than done! One can say that they won’t cry in the face of losing their most precious person, but that’s never possible. She cried alright and a lot. It was the love of her life, her best friend, and her life partner who had left her forever. How could she not cry? So she did, but not for long!

It was her memories of their time together that kept her strong after his passing. Memories of them traveling the world together, having fun at home or outside. Doing everything together creates more memories in the process. Those old memories were keeping her strong, but what now? What to do when he is not there to make more memories?

Until We Meet Again

Ferguson’s answer to her husband’s passing was to remember his presence throughout the rest of her life. She had many travels with him and still travels the world with his memories. She makes herself feel the same vibes, her husband gave her. This was her way of thanking the man she loved, accepted, and wanted to meet again soon. By traveling and living her best life, she is preparing to meet him and have her own set of adventurous stories to share with the man who made them possible.


these are her secrets! Remembrance, acceptance, preparation, and the belief that they’ll meet again.

A Love Like Ours: A Memoire is among the most heart-touching and inspirational life story books. It’s a guide for dealing with loss and separation in the form of a memoir. Grab a copy today and learn to celebrate the legacy of your loved ones.

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