How To Clean the Carpet From Wool?

Many owners of four-legged furry pets know firsthand what wool is on clothes, shoes, beds, bedspreads and carpets. At such moments, you think that you have not one animal, but at least a dozen. After all, it is not easy to remove wool from any surface, but when cleaning a carpet, this task becomes especially difficult. But there are a number of tricks and recommendations, following which you will surely make your work easier.

Methods of cleaning carpets from wool

Before starting the “war” against hair on the carpet, carefully look at the length of the pile on your favorite carpet. The methods of cleaning the coating depend on this. For example, if the piles of the carpet are long, then the procedure will take more time, as the wool will be more intertwined with the pile.

It is easier to remove long animal fur from any carpet. The shorter your pet’s fur is, the more it will penetrate the structure of the fabric. But in any case, the carpet should be cleaned regularly, at least once a week. Its general cleaning is also carried out at least once a season. But you are unlikely to achieve 100% results on your own, so it is better to contact a professional dry cleaner.

How to clean the carpet from cat fur?

Usually, cat fur is softer and longer than dog fur, so it does not “eat” into the carpet so much. However, it can be many times more than from an average shepherd. Remember that the longer the hairs are collected on the carpet, the higher the risk of allergies and respiratory diseases.

How to clean the carpet from dog fur?

In this case, the owners of collie or spaniel dogs are lucky in this case – their wool will be removed more easily than, for example, the mane of a German shepherd. However, if your dog’s coat is short and thick, you will spend much more time cleaning.

It is important not to overdo it with “water treatments” for your carpet. Any carpeting is not friendly with moisture, and if you get it very wet, while not completely removing the fur of the animal, you risk getting an unpleasant smell, dirty air and an unattractive appearance of the fabric.

What to use for cleaning

Among the variety of advertised devices and means for cleaning the carpet from wool, we will consider the most effective:

  • Turbo brush vacuum cleaner. Such a nozzle will help to get rid of pet hair much faster than the usual one. However, do not forget that silk and wool natural carpets should not be vacuumed too often, because their structure may be disturbed.
  • Cleaning vacuum cleaner. A good solution, as in addition to hair and wool, small debris and dirt are also removed. But even new models of cleaning vacuum cleaners do not guarantee 100% removal of hair. And you don’t really want to take the carpet out for drying after each cleaning.
  • Wet broom. It will help to remove fresh wool, but it will not save from the one that has already seeped into the structure of the carpet. And you can’t sweep short hair with a broom.
  • Brushes with bristles of medium hardness. The cleaning process will take much longer, but it is worth it. Go over the entire carpet with a brush dipped in water, periodically removing the wool that remains on it.
  • Rubber gloves or special gloves. A rubber glove soaked in water will help to collect wool. And the special mittens that you can buy at the pet store have spikes, so you don’t need to wet them.

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