How Do I Block Spam Numbers Permanently?

Spam calls have become an increasingly pervasive issue, disrupting our daily lives and potentially posing security risks. Despite measures by telecom companies and regulatory bodies, the deluge of spam calls persists. One of the spam numbers that has been particularly troublesome for many is 8664164851. Additionally, platforms like offer tools to manage and block such spam calls effectively. This article explores various strategies to block spam numbers permanently and discusses the role of services like in mitigating this nuisance.

Understanding Spam Calls and Their Impact

Spam calls can range from annoying telemarketing pitches to dangerous phishing attempts. These calls often use automated systems to reach a large number of people quickly. They can lead to significant disruptions, and in some cases, they can be financially damaging if sensitive information is inadvertently shared.

The number 8664164851 is just one example of a persistent spam caller. Complaints about this number indicate that it is used for unsolicited marketing, and many have reported it as a nuisance. Blocking such numbers permanently is crucial for maintaining peace of mind and protecting personal information.

Methods to Block Spam Numbers Permanently

1. Built-in Phone Features

Most modern smartphones come equipped with built-in features to block unwanted calls.

  • For iPhones: Navigate to the Phone app, find the number you wish to block under recent calls, and tap the “i” icon. Scroll down and select “Block this Caller”.
  • For Android Phones: The process varies slightly between manufacturers, but generally, you can find the number in your call log, tap on it, and select “Block/report spam”.

These built-in features are straightforward and effective for individual numbers like 8664164851. However, they may not be sufficient for large-scale spam attacks.

2. Carrier Services

Many mobile carriers offer services to help block spam calls.

  • Verizon’s Call Filter: This service offers spam detection, blocking, and reporting. It identifies suspected spam calls and blocks them before they reach you.
  • AT&T’s Call Protect: This free service automatically blocks fraud calls and provides suspected spam warnings.
  • T-Mobile’s Scam Shield: T-Mobile offers a comprehensive set of tools to protect against spam calls, including Scam ID and Scam Block features.

These services are effective for blocking known spam numbers and keeping up with new ones as they emerge.

3. Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps offer advanced spam-blocking features. These apps maintain extensive databases of known spam numbers and use various methods to identify and block new spam calls.

  • Truecaller: One of the most popular spam-blocking apps, Truecaller identifies incoming spam calls and provides the option to block them. It also allows users to report new spam numbers, helping to keep the database up to date.
  • Hiya: This app identifies and blocks spam calls and provides caller ID features to help you recognize who is calling. Hiya’s database is continually updated with new spam numbers.
  • RoboKiller: RoboKiller not only blocks spam calls but also uses answer bots to waste the time of telemarketers and scammers. This unique feature helps reduce the number of spam calls over time.

4. Manual Number Blocking

If you are frequently harassed by specific numbers like 8664164851, you can manually block them through your phone or by using online tools. Manual blocking ensures that specific numbers are permanently blocked, but it can be time-consuming if you receive a large number of spam calls from different numbers.

5. and Similar Services offers advanced tools to block spam numbers permanently. This platform specializes in managing unwanted communications, providing users with a robust solution to the spam call problem. allows users to:

  • Create a Blocklist: Users can compile a list of numbers to block permanently. This is particularly useful for numbers like 8664164851 that are known sources of spam.
  • Automated Call Screening: provides automated call screening features that detect and block spam calls before they reach you.
  • Customizable Settings: Users can customize their blocking preferences, allowing them to fine-tune their protection against spam calls.
  • Regular Updates: The service regularly updates its database of known spam numbers, ensuring that users are protected from new threats as they arise. and similar services offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond the basic blocking features provided by phones and carriers, making them ideal for users who face frequent spam call disruptions.

Legal and Regulatory Measures

In addition to personal measures, understanding the legal framework around spam calls can help in combating this issue. Regulatory bodies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States have implemented measures to reduce spam calls, such as the National Do Not Call Registry. Adding your number to this registry can help reduce telemarketing calls, although it may not stop all spam calls, especially those originating from scammers and fraudsters.

Reporting Spam Calls

Reporting spam calls can also contribute to the overall reduction of such nuisances. When you receive a spam call from numbers like 8664164851, report it to your carrier or use apps like Truecaller to log the complaint. The more reports these numbers receive, the more likely they are to be blocked at the network level.


Spam calls are a significant annoyance and a potential security risk. Blocking these calls permanently requires a combination of built-in phone features, carrier services, third-party apps, and dedicated services like By leveraging these tools and staying informed about regulatory measures, you can significantly reduce the impact of spam calls on your daily life.

For those frequently harassed by numbers like 8664164851, adopting these strategies can lead to a noticeable decrease in unwanted calls. Services like offer an added layer of protection, making them a valuable resource in the fight against spam calls. By taking proactive steps, you can reclaim your peace of mind and ensure a more secure communication environment.

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