Explore Effective Solutions for Water Tank Leakage Repair

In this rapidly evolving world where we need everything that is used for multiple purposes, water tanks, which are a significant source of water supply, cannot be overlooked. They provide a constant supply of water in homes, businesses and firms. What if your water tank starts leaking due to corrosion from water when you need water supply at short notice? To avoid these situations, you require timely water tank leakage repair.

Causes of Water Tank Leakage

When a tank leaks, even minor leaks, it causes potential water damage to your home. This consequently leads to the growth of mould, which activates viruses, causing health problems. The most common problems are:

The common problem of water tank leakage is failing to do regular maintenance due to the pressing of time and busy routines.

Water tanks can get damaged by high temperatures, extreme weather conditions, and rodent infestation, making it indispensable to either repair or replace these water supplies.

Rust and corrosion serve as the offenders in water leaking from a tank and make it unable to withstand under pressure.

Another reason causing water leaks is the growing algae in your water tank which pattens up the tanks and causes them to buckle.

Due to the ageing of water tanks and valves, water leakages can occur at homes, offices, or other places where water tanks are placed.

Sign of Water Tank Leakage

Water tank leakages can cause severe issues for your health and safety. So, it’s crucial to address these problems by looking for water tank leakage repair. But the question lies how can I tell if my water tank needs mending? In the following section, let’s discuss the common indicators of water leaks.

If you find wet spots or wet stains on the floor where you have placed water tanks that can be damp with a musty odour, it is a signal of needing repair.

The sudden rise in water bills without any briefing is a sign of water leaks, showing that the water is unknowingly wasted somewhere.

Sudden respiratory symptoms indicate the growth of mould, which is mainly due to the water leakages and if it is left unaddressed, it can cause severe issues in future.

Drooping or bulging ceilings are the signals of leaks, demonstrating that the water has saturated the structure and made it baggy.

Water Tank Leakage Repair

Before going for a repair of water tanks, it is essential to understand what kind of tank you are having at your place. Each of the types requires a unique solution. Following are a few of the repair methods according to their structure:

Plastic water tanks can be mended through soldering by preheating the iron, which repairs the crack when it melts.

Experts repair underground water tanks with well-known bitumen waterproofing, allowing the base and water to get separated between the binding solution.

Overhead water tank leaks are repaired by using cement slurry or by applying a layer of high-quality polymer-based cement to the required section.

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Should I Attempt to Repair a Water Leak Myself?

You may wonder if you should attempt to repair a water leak yourself after noticing the leakage in your water tanks. You are not recommended to do it by yourself unless or until you have the required experience or equipment for the whole process. Because it leads to further damage, which is not a smart decision, so, it is advised to opt for experts such as FF Plumbing.

You might be considering it costs a lot to hire a plumbing company for your household tasks. But thanks to its economical plumbing solution in the whole of South Shields. Our services are not limited to water leakage repairs or in restricted areas. Rather, we provide repair of every common breakdown in any home. You can even get emergency toilet repair in Sunderland with a reliable plumbing company without breaking the bank. Our plumbing services include:

Toilet and taps

Leak Repairs

Water heaters


General Plumbing

Shower pump repair

Water tank tap installation

Bathroom installation

Heating systems


Wrapping up the discussion, we conclude that water tanks play a significant role in providing a constant supply of water in the whole country. Even a minor problem which hinders this stream is not affordable. So, it should be regularly or timely maintained to mitigate risks in the future. But in case of water leaks, FF Plumbing is your go-to water tank leakage repair solution. If you are going through this issue, contact us now to get a reliable plumber at your doorstep.

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