Coordinated Residential

Coordinated Residence

Our range of support stretches to cover various individuals – teenagers, adults, and seniors. It covers various forms of developmental and physical disabilities and ill health. We call our residential homes – “Project” as we ensure that each home placement suits the peculiarities and meets the needs of the person we support.

At AdvantEdge Canadian Care Supports, our programs respect the divergent cultures of our people and are also tailored to respect the individual’s culture, and traditions. Thus, we employ specific treatment strategies that affirm culture, practices, and beliefs. We encourage individual independence and self-determination. At AdvantEdge Canadian Care & Supports, we operate an open-door policy and work with a multi-dimensional team of experts. We collaborate with other resources, and health service providers to support the individual and the families within the communities that they are familiar with.

Our in-house respite (Project home) services support the health of the people we serve. Individuals can be kept in their respective homes or in other supportive living and long-term care accommodations. The duration of the individual’s stay is determined at the time of intake.

However, our services provide temporary and long-term stays in an organized, well-structured home environment. We are dedicated to the safety of our clients and are aware of the vulnerability of the people we serve. We are poised to respond to a crisis within families and our Short-term stays adequately assuage the difficulties encountered in family crisis situations.

We offer a welcoming environment with well-trained, seasoned staff on a rotational 24-hour shift pattern.

Everyone has a room in a friendly family life setting and an atmosphere that embraces health and security. We encourage family visits and home-cooked meals with optional participation by the individuals we serve. We encourage conversations and simple problem-solving skills.