Consider the lighting and positioning of the sign to create the most visually

A “Welcome to Our Wedding” neon sign is a warm and inviting way to greet your guests and set the tone for your celebration. Here are some ideas for incorporating this sign into your wedding decor:

1. **Entrance Display**: Place the neon sign at the entrance to your wedding venue to welcome guests as they arrive. You can position it on a stand or mount it on a wall for maximum visibility.

2. **Backdrop**: Use the neon sign as a backdrop for your ceremony or reception. This can create a beautiful welcome to our wedding neon sign focal point and serve as a backdrop for photos.

3. **Photo Booth Prop**: Incorporate the neon sign into your photo booth as a fun and stylish prop. Guests can pose with the sign to create memorable photos.

4. **Bar Sign**: Use the neon sign to label your wedding bar or drink station. This can help guests easily locate the bar and add a decorative touch to the area.

5. **Color and Design**: Choose a color and design for your neon sign that complements your wedding theme and decor. You can select a single color or opt for a multi-color design for added visual interest.

6. **Size**: Determine the size of your neon sign based on where you plan to display it. A larger sign can make a bold statement, while a smaller sign can add a subtle touch of illumination.

7. **Photography**: Work with your photographer to ensure that the neon sign is captured effectively in your wedding photos. Consider the lighting and positioning of the sign to create the most visually appealing shots.

Overall, a “Welcome to Our Wedding” neon sign is a charming and inviting addition to your wedding decor. It can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and add a personal touch to your celebration.

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