An Overview of Industrial and Home Tank Chillers

One might wonder what industrial tank and home tank chillers are. These cooling machines work in the same way as air conditioners. But their main aim is to cool the tanks that hold water. This may be for home or industrial use. If you live in countries like the UAE where the heat boils overhead water tanks. Then your home or industry definitely needs good-quality industry or home tank chillers. So let’s learn all there is to about tank chillers and explore the world of cooling machines. 

About Tank and Water Chillers

A chiller is basically a machine that removes heat from the water to keep it at a cool temperature. It uses a refrigeration cycle which takes in heat. Thus cooling down the water in your home or factory tank. Then, you can use this cool water to cool down machines or processes in your industry. Or simply use the cool water for your home. As the water moves around machinery, it cools them down. In turn, this heat will warm up the water. The water then moves back up to the chiller, where the chiller cools down again. 

The process of cooling large amounts of water needs special machines. You can not cool industry-level amounts of water using small machines or coolers. This is when large tank chillers come into play. Thus helping you cool large amounts of water quickly. Quicker cooling times are especially important in companies where cooling is important for production. Tank chillers make it possible with their large cooling coils. This lowers the temperature of the water in a short time. Thus allowing companies to produce more material in a shorter time. This also helps the industry cut down on costs by making more products at a time.

Water Tank Chiller Working Explained

Most of you might ask how a tank chiller cools the water. It’s pretty straightforward. The chiller uses water or a water-glycol mix. This mainly depends on where you’re using the chiller. If it is a home tank chiller, then it will only use water. But if you’re using a tank chiller for your company. Then, the chiller will use a water-glycol solution. This fluid then removes the heat from the surface that comes in contact with it. Depending on your use, the chiller can either cool down water or just run through machinery to cool it. 

Process chillers use a cooling liquid or refrigerant to cool down machinery. This liquid works best for heavy-duty industry. The main reason is that it has quicker cooling properties. Thus making it a better coolant than plain water. Regardless of what coolant your chiller is using, they all work on the same basic principle. Which is the compression and phase-change of the coolant from liquid to gas and vice versa. They make it possible by changing the pressure inside the evaporator. By boiling it off and cooling it down, it releases heat much faster. 

Types of Condensers in Tank Chillers

Tank chillers use two main types of condensers. The first one is an air-cooled condenser. As the name suggests, it uses air to cool down the steam. Which makes the steam fall on the condenser and turn back into liquid. On the other hand, the other type is a water-cooled condenser. Here, the steam runs through water-cooled pipes, where it cools down. This helps the steam coolant turn back into a liquid state. This is where the coolant cycle completes and restarts from the first step. 

Now that you know how tank chillers work, let’s find out why you should use one!

Purpose of Tank Chillers

As we all know, no industrial machine works without producing heat. Thus, you need to cool it before it overheats. If you don’t cool down your machine, it will damage itself due to heat. So, it is important to have a cooling mechanism in place. This is where tank chillers come into play. They provide a quick and easy way to cool down your industrial machines. Thus preventing any sudden damages and problems. 

Another reason to use home tank chillers is to keep domestic water cool. Especially if you’re living in countries like the UAE where summer temperatures reach 50°C. This is when you need a tank chiller to cool down water for domestic use. 

Uses of Tank Chillers

Industrial and home tank chillers have many uses, including factories, offices, homes, and malls. Let’s find out what the best use cases are for tank chillers.

Process Cooling

Many manufacturing processes generate heat. This is mainly due to the friction between machines’ moving parts. Moreover, overheating can lead to faulty machines and increase downtime. Thus, it is important to keep these machines cool. A normal air conditioning unit will be unable to cool large machines. Thus, tank chillers are the best option for such operations. They allow the cooling of large amounts of air and water, thus keeping the area cool. 

Working Area Cooling

The main working area of any factory should be at a cool temperature. Especially for manufacturing companies where the temperature rises a lot. Thus, tank chillers provide a good way to cool down the air inside the area. This keeps the working conditions suitable for high-quality work. Moreover, rental units allow users to cool down large areas at a fraction of the cost of installing full units. 

Food Processing

Food processing is a delicate process where temperature matters a lot. If the temperature goes too high, it will cause the food to spoil. Thus incurring losses that no company likes. So, it is important to keep the right temperature at all times. Tank chillers allow cooling down the storage, packaging, and other processes. This makes sure that the food stays fresh and doesn’t spoil.

Ending Notes

Tank chillers provide a great way to escape the heat and keep the temperatures cool and comfortable. If you’re looking for the best air conditioners Dubai has then visit Central Trading Company. They are home to the widest range of tank chillers and related services. 

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