A Quick Guide to Orthopedic Care and Doctors

Pain can be of different types, and every person’s pain is unique. It may be a sharp, piercing feeling that makes you want to lay in your bed all day. Other times, it might be a dull ache that lasts for weeks or even months. It gets especially annoying if this pain makes it difficult for you to work. Any pain that affects your daily life and lasts more than three months is chronic pain. Another name for chronic pain is persistent or lasting pain.

It is this pain that brings you here to read more about the doctors that can cure your pain. These doctors have the ability to make your pain go away. However, there are many different types of pain doctors who treat different types of pain. So, knowing which doctor can cure your pain can be the tricky part. Luckily, you’re at the right place to get the answer to this question. Today, we’ll be going through what doctors perform rehab and physical therapy. We’ll also learn how doctors can perform surgery to cure your pain if need be. So join us to find the cure to your pain!

Types of Orthopedic Doctors

The first step in going to the right doctor is knowing what each one does. There are many sub-branches of orthopedics that you need to know before starting. Some might deal with therapy, while others perform surgeries. Moreover, some of these doctors might use minimally invasive methods to relieve pain. So, let’s jump right into it and understand what each doctor does.

1. Orthopedic Surgeons

This is the go-to pain doctor type for many. They deal with all your bone, muscle, and joint problems. These doctors perform surgeries and other invasive methods to treat pain. They have a complete understanding of your skeletal system. Thus, they use an overall approach to dealing with pain. So if you’re looking for someone with good overall knowledge, then they’re for you. As long as you’re not afraid of needles and stitches on your body.

2. Hand Specialists

As the name suggests, these doctors specialize in treating hand pain. Many of us face pain in our wrists, fingers, and other parts of the palm. Hand pain is so common that there’s an entire field for its study. These doctors cater to issues like carpal tunnel and trigger finger pains. Moreover, they also provide expert advice in cases of wrist sprains, strains, or fractures in the hand.

3. Joint Preservation Specialists

Preserving joints is the most important part of living a pain-free life. There are doctors that make sure that your joints stay in their best shape. They can provide treatments for many complaints like arthritis. These doctors also provide therapy that boosts healing. Moreover, if you have a family history of joint, bone, muscle, or nerve problems. Then, make sure to keep yourself in contact with them after you hit the 30s.

4. Joint Replacement Specialists

If you don’t follow our advice about visiting a joint preservation specialist. Then you’ll end up seeing one of these doctors or surgeons. They are the ones that provide joint replacements in case of damage to the joint. Be it due to injury, misuse, or any disease. If it’s not curable, then these doctors help by giving you new joints.

5. Spine Specialists

The spine is one of the longest bone structures in our body. So, spine problems are one of the most common pain complaints. This is due to our lifestyle, which involves sitting all day long. So, you’ll need to visit a spine doctor if you’re not maintaining an active lifestyle. Spine problems may also occur due to genetic problems. So these doctors treat all sorts of spine problems, be it due to genetics or misuse.

6. Foot & Ankle Specialists

Just like other parts of our body, bone issues also occur in our feet. Feet is one of the parts of our bodies that we use the most. Thus leading to bone and joint problems. Ankle sprains, strains, and toe fractures are common. Thus, foot and ankle specialists are here to save the day. If you’re facing such problems, then make sure to give them a visit.

7. Sports Injury Specialists

Sports is one of the activities with the most injuries. These injuries are mostly superficial. Thus, it affects our bones, joints, and tendons. This is where sports doctors can help you. Sportsmen need instant attention to their injuries. As their entire career depends on the well-being of their body. Thus, sports doctors specialize in providing first-line aid. So, if you face an injury while playing sports, then you know where to go.

8. Pediatric Orthopedic Specialists

Injuries in children are far more common than in adults. But we tend to ignore it as they’re just kids, and the pain will go away. This is one of our biggest mistakes. We must remember that kids are growing up, and injury to their bodies can lead to complications later in life. Thus, whenever your kid falls or trips, the best thing to do is visit a child orthopedic doctor. They assess the amount of damage and help repair it before it’s too late.

9. Orthopedic Trauma Specialists

These are the doctors who specialize in dealing with traumatic injuries. They have in-depth knowledge of the muscle and skeletal system. Moreover, they specialize in surgery, too. Thus providing instant cure to injuries that may otherwise cause complications. This includes treating dislocations, fractures, and other serious injuries. You can usually find them in the emergency room (ER), where they treat emergency cases.

The Key to Living a Pain-Free Life

Now we know the different types of pain doctors and what treatments they provide. But finding them all under one roof is a problem. Luckily, Jersey Joint, Spine, & Regen caters to this problem. They provide all sorts of advanced and conventional medical practices. So they’re like your one-stop pain relief solution. So book an appointment today and say goodbye to lasting pain!

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